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Scryer Prolog Meetup 2023 Notes

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The 9th and 10th of November was the Scryer Prolog Meetup 2023 in Düsseldorf. As a Scryer Prolog user and contributor, I was very excited to go to this meeting. Now, I'm back at home and I can write here a report of what happened in this event with the notes I've taken.

library(ffi) now available on Scryer Prolog

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I want to announce that library(ffi) is now available on the master branch of Scryer Prolog. The purpose of this library is be able to call native code via a C ABI. Note that FFI is just one way to communicate with the outside world in Scryer Prolog: sockets, files, pipes or the HTTP libraries are also good options depending on the task and they're safer. This library is based on libffi

Using PostgreSQL from Prolog

PostgreSQL is probably one of the most advanced databases in the relational world. Let's see how can we access it from Scryer Prolog.