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Easily QuickCheck your predicates

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Logtalk lgtunit testing tool includes a QuickCheck implementation supporting property-based testing of plain Prolog, Prolog module, and Logtalk code. The tool is portable and can be used with all Logtalk supported Prolog compilers. The QuickCheck implementation provides ...

Failure-driven loops: when and how

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Failure is a big part of logic programming success! (always wanted to write this :-)

Predicates are often required to perform repetitive operations. For example, assume a table of...

Multifile predicates: dos and don'ts

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Multifile predicates are a standard Logtalk and Prolog feature. The name multifile originates from being able to define a predicate in multiple files. Multifile predicates are declared ...

DCGs provide a threading state abstraction: don't break it

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Definite Clause Grammars (DCGs) provide a useful threading state abstraction with countless applications in Logtalk and Prolog programming. But programmers sometimes break this abstraction without realizing it and for no benefit. This usually happens when ...