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Using PostgreSQL from Prolog

PostgreSQL is probably one of the most advanced databases in the relational world. Let's see how can we access it from Scryer Prolog.

Hello, Tau Prolog!

Imagine an internet where you didn't need to write JavaScript...

Imagine an internet where you could write Prolog...

Imagine no more, write Tau Prolog!

Consuming JSON from an API

SWI-Prolog can be a little quirky when trying to get data from a JSON API endpoint into your program. However, a working example goes a long way to stress-free programming! In this post we'll consume some data and discuss a couple of the options available to you.

Writing an HTTP/2 Client in Prolog

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It was a surprising amount of work, but I've built a pure-Prolog HTTP/2 client library.

Writing a blog using SWI Prolog

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I'm in the process of re-implementing a course given by Reddid founder Steve Huffman via Udacity a few years ago, using SWI Prolog hooked to Postgresql. My tutorial is about half way done, which is far enough to be useful to anyone wanting some simple examples of how to use SWI Prolog for web development.